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Business Phone Services by Improcom

Improcom is the leading provider of customizable business-class Hosted phone systems, phone service and Unified Communications solutions. Since 1996 Improcom has been catering to the needs of small, medium, and enterprise customers nationally and now has expanded our reach globally.

  • Fully Redundant
  • Multiple Points of Failover in Case of Emergency
  • No Contract!
  • We only deal with Business clients so we can fully devote our time and attention to you instead of individuals in private residences.


macstrosemacstroseMay 23, 2013
My family and I have been with this company for years and year after year they seem to out do themselves. Being that I am in school for engineering, it is great to see that ...
brabramsbrabramsJun 3, 2013
This provider is absolutely amazing! Every time I have an issue, they are very helpful and resolve it immediately. They have the latest and greatest features for my phones and is all made available for ...
AaronAaronMay 24, 2012
Great team, great management and great owner. Inprocom is always ready to help and you do not have to wait for 24hrs for a expert to call back and resolve the issue at hand. I ...
AYAYDec 1, 2008
Great service, excellent support and quick turn around time. Professional stuff with local representation and knowledgeable folks.Have been with them for 3 years for both biz and personal use - will continue using them and ...
Allan PriaulxAllan PriaulxMay 29, 2013
Vadim and his crew are first class. They've helped us set up multiple location stations and are always ready with solid answers when needed.
TsigankaTsigankaJun 4, 2013
I am a photographer and need to make a lot of international calls to either overseas clients or to the locations where the weddings takes place, as well as the clients all over the US. ...
GHinesGHinesJul 01, 2009
As the director of a health care consulting company, we had to go through two other VoIP provider before being introduced to IMPROCOM. We were relieved to find true professionals in telecommunications who understood how ...
ab3er1234ab3er1234Jun 3, 2013
Overall the service is great and the people who work there are fantastic. I have clear service even with international calls and their rates are some of the best on the market.
u920217u920217Jun 17, 2013
IMPROCOM provides great and reliable service with perfect sound quality, price and customer service was very helpful. The technical support service was outstanding, they helped me with everything which I asked very quickly. I highly ...
advandmktgadvandmktgJan 21, 2009
Great services; easy to use handsets. Many options that help my business run smoothly. Customer service is extremely reliable. Technical support is always available and very knowledgeable.