Best Business Phone Service

When upgrading to a digital phone service there are dozens of different features available. While many of them are standard, others need to be chosen specifically based on the needs of your company. With so many different options available it can be tempting to just sign up for all of them since they are so affordable and many of them sound very useful. Rather than just signing up for everything and only using a few of them, it is better to try to figure out which are the best business phone service options for your company.

Choosing the Best Business Phone Services for Your Company

Many companies find it helpful to go through a list of different options available and choosing which of them are going to bring the biggest benefits. Depending on the nature of your business you might see some features as extremely valuable and others are fairly useless. This is a great way to eliminate any extra services that you don’t really need which can help you keep within budget. Some popular services which can be included in your VoIP are:

  • Web Portal – Your password protected web portal allows you to log on from any computer to check your voice mail, change your call forwarding settings and even schedule a conference bridge.
  • Visual Message Waiting Indicators – When you have a voice mail you will be notified via a light on your Cisco phone.
  • Secondary Dial Tone – Making multiple calls at once is quick and easy with a VoIP system.
  • Call Screening – Define when your phone will ring and where calls will be sent when you are unavailable. You can define settings based on the days of the week and the time of the day.

Even the features which come standard can be disabled or not used to help keep the system from becoming too complex for standard users. Of course, things like caller ID, phone conferencing and transferring and other common features will be used by virtually companies because they are important parts of just about all phones. On the other hand, a feature such as setting up unlimited voice mail boxes or having an automated attendant may only be used for some companies.

Hosted & In House Options for the Best Business Phone Services

When going through the list of options you’ll likely notice that Improcom Global Telecom offers two main categories of service. The hosted IP PBX and the On-Site PBX are two different ways to set up a phone service for companies. There are advantages to both options so choosing which one is the best business phone services for your company will take some thought.

A hosted solution is an excellent option for companies who want all the great benefits of a VoIP system and other high end solutions. With this option you can have all the hardware hosted in a third party datacenter so you aren’t responsible for all the upgrades, monitoring and other work associated with this type of system. You are essentially getting all the advantages of a dedicated VoIP system without having to support it with in-house staff.

Companies that have the staff and expertise available and want direct responsibility for all the equipment, there is an option to have an in-house system installed. This option requires that the hardware is installed in your datacenter which gives you some added options. It is also a more secure option for companies who need things like voice mail and other things to be hosted directly in your datacenter. Improcom Global Telecom will still be available to help with the installation and support of the system. For many companies this is the best business phone service option available.

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