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VoIP Phone Service Costs

Calling plans for both the Hosted PBX & SIP trunking.

Improcom offers unlimited incoming calling for all calling plans except International and Toll Free originating numbers.

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Small Business
Users / Extensions
5 – 20
Medium Business
Users / Extensions
21 – 100
Large Business
Users / Extensions
Unlimited Calling Standard Pricing Information
Unlimited calling
Unlimited Calling to the U.S., Puerto Rico, and Canada. Per Extension/ Per Month. 24/7/365 Support Included
$29.95 $24.95 $20.95
Meter 250 minutes Standard Pricing Information
Meter 250 minutes
250 Minutes per extension/ per month to the U.S., Puerto Rico and Canada. 24/7/365 Support Included.
$19.95 $18.95 $17.95
Meter 700 minutes Standard Pricing InformationMeter 700 minutes
700 Minutes per extension/ per month to the U.S., Puerto Rico and Canada. 24/7/365 Support Included.
$24.95 $22.95 $19.95
Extension Only Dialing Standard Pricing InformationExtension Only Dialing
Unlimited Calling within a network and Inbound Calls. No Outbound dialing. 24/7/365 Support Included.
$9.95 $9.95 $9.95
SIP Trunk Standard Pricing InformationSIP Trunk
Use Improcom as your telephone service provider with your existing business phone system. Availability to utilize all features and services. 24/7/365 Support Included.

$24.95 $22.95 $19.95
Unlimited Calling Plan includes 5 Free Phones Standard Pricing InformationUnlimited Calling Plan includes 5 Free Phones
Free advanced and customizable VoIP Phones.
Phone Numbers * $1.25
Auto Attendant Standard Pricing InformationAuto Attendant
Have your calls directed to the proper department without compromising the productivity and efficiency of your receptionist.
* $19.95
Call Record Standard Pricing InformationCall Record
Help improve your sales staff’s conversion rate by recording any phone call on any line as well as having a record of agreed upon terms and conditions. Review the call from any computer worldwide.
** $2.95 ** $2.95
Call Monitor Standard Pricing InformationCall Monitor
Listen in on any extension in real time. Monitor your employee’s conversation in order to improve service.
** $4.95 ** $4.95
Conference Call Standard Pricing InformationConference Call
Manage up to 50 call participants globally.
2.5 cents
2.5 cents
Free $500 Conference Unit

* per month per phone / attendant
** per extension per month
*** per minute per party