Cisco VoIP Solutions are the best-selling equipment by brand in Q3 of 2015

Cisco VoIP Solutions are the best-selling equipment by brand in Q3 of 2015

The Best-Selling VoIP Telecom Equipment By Brand In Q3 via

IT giant Cisco Systems dominated the VoIP telecom equipment market in first place, accounting for 73.3 percent of shipped equipment in 2015.

Cisco was also named an industry leader in Gartner’s 2015 UC Magic Quadrant report
When customers look for a VoIP solution for their business, often, they much also purchase hardware. The decision about which VoIP handset to choose is critical for a successful implementation of the telephone system. Our recent article, Best VoIP Phone, was a look into the different options available. Specific features, phone costs, reliability and call quality are the defining factors in choosing your phone, but only one manufacturer comes close to providing all of the above and move, Cisco VoIP.

Improcom has been providing telephone solutions to companies since 1996, and together with Cisco, who has been a strong leader in IP phone systems are able to provide customers with the best solutions, the best pricing and the most benefit for small to mid-size companies. No only did we choose Cisco because of their great reputation but their 6442 security-related patents speak for themselves. Choosing Cisco meant we are able to give our clients peace of mind.

At Improcom, Cisco VoIP continues to be the primary handset new and existing customers use most. Today we are happy to introduce several lines of manufacturers of handsets however, the price, features and stability of the Cisco platform allows the greatest flexibility in your phone system – After all, the whole idea behind VoIP is to give the power of the telephone back to the customer.