Every Business & Organization Needs a VoIP

Every Business & Organization Needs a VoIP

Every Business & Organization Needs a VoIP

The modern age’s greatest contribution—the internet—has opened doors to people all over the world. One of them is voice over internet protocol or VoIP, which has a similar function to its predecessor, the landline. Both technologies transmit voice data from one point to another. The landline uses copper wires to transport the sound energy, while VoIP uses an internet connection to send audio.

While the two fulfill the same purpose when it comes to communication, they have merits of their own. Before you invest in one or the other, it’s crucial to learn which one works best for you and your business. After all, telecommunication is the second industry going through a metamorphosis in the digital age.

Here are a few reasons for your business to adopt VoIP over a traditional landline:

It’s Cheaper than Landline

Landlines for five lines in New York reach $295 per month exclusive of taxes. VoIP providers can offer the same five lines for as little as $124.99 per month. This price is good for two users, and the plan can be upgraded up to $249.95 for 19 users. Landline plans are 236 percent more expensive than VoIP.

VoIP services make the notion that new technologies provide better services for a lower price justified. The difference in price is attributed to the ingenuity of humans in using modern technology to improve society. Because of that, it wouldn’t be outlandish to predict that landlines will soon become obsolete.

It’s a Trend Because It Works

The VoIP system was initially used for internal communications inside the network of an organization. However, given its great potential, it’s now a crucial part of enhancing the customer experience. Various analysts forecasted the rise of VoIP years ago. It’s amazing to see its actual adoption rate grow much faster than what was predicted.

With a growing customer base to support VoIP, the research and development for its further improvement are possible. So, in the future, you can expect that VoIP for business will have better features and can offer fuller experiences for businesses and their customers. Some of these features include collaboration and call center functionality. Expect more to come in a few years—perhaps even just a few months.

Security and Compliance Demands Make It Extra Secure

Some, if not most, of the information being exchanged by company representatives and customers are strictly confidential. Leading VoIP providers have taken extra steps to ensure that their services offer an enormous scope of security. So, it keeps the sensitive information of customers safe from the hands of the villains of the digital world—hackers.

A lot of VoIP providers use the top-notch security systems of big companies like Google’s Cloud system. Remember, Google hires the best hackers to hack a simulated network. This practice enables software companies to anticipate the moves of hackers. They can set up precautionary measures ahead of time. With reinforced security systems in place, hacking will become near impossible, and your business’s information will remain secure.

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