Business VoIP Phone System Features

Improcom has the latest in VoIP phone features. Don’t see something you need? Contact us. We’ll find a way to make it happen.

Key Features

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Custom Integrations

We can integrate your Improcom phone system with any internal or external application to drive your business forward.

CRM Integrations, Including Salesforce

We’ll integrate your business VoIP phone system with your CRM to deliver powerful features like call archiving and reporting.

Enterprise-Grade Security

Improcom’s VoIP service includes security at every step. Get the latest in encryption and security protocols.

Unified Communications

Keep messaging and voice for your business in one place. Get text messaging for your business numbers with personal chats and group channels in our communication app.

Reliable Call Center Software

Streamline and modernize your contact center with proper call distribution. No more abandoned or dropped calls.

Automated Call Distribution

Intelligent management for your incoming calls. Availability and routing adapt as agents log in and out.

Call Recording & Monitoring

Our call monitoring and recording package allows you to keep a record of your calls and includes a call barge, whisper and listen mode.

SIP Trunking

Keep your existing PBX with Improcom high-quality SIP trunks.

Keep Your ISP and Phones

Improcom is compatible with nearly all VoIP desk phones and internet service providers. No need to invest into new devices.

Voicemail to Email

Connect your phone system and email. Check your inbox visually from any device, anywhere.

All VoIP Features

Abbreviated Dial. Works similar to Speed dial but does not require available buttons for assignments. Create as many as 99 abbreviated dial codes on your handset.

Anonymous Call Rejection. Simply input a three button code on your phone to stop receiving anonymous calls.

Auto-Attendants. Optional feature. Prerecorded greetings that direct your callers to departments, personal extension numbers, or a dial-by-name directory. Daytime and Nighttime modes. For more information look in the “Add on” section.

Caller ID Name. Display your company’s name when calling clients and business partners.

Call Waiting. See who is calling you on another line while you are on the phone.

Call on Hold. If you need to place your caller on hold you can choose to play either custom music or a custom announcement.

Call Transfer. Transfer any live call to any extension or outside lines.

Call Forward. Redirect all of your incoming calls to a cellular phone, another extension, voice mail, etc.

Call Jump. Seamlessly route active call to another phone e.g. cellular phone, another extension, voice mail, etc.

Call Screening. A flexible method to define when you can be reached on your phone. Set rules based on the time of day, incoming caller ID, day of week, etc.

Call Duration Display. Display duration of a call in minutes and seconds.

Caller ID Display. See who is calling you and where they are calling you from.

Caller ID Block. You may opt to block certain callers.

Call Log. In your handset you can view Missed, Received, and Placed calls. Also, you can view your Call log on your computer screen through your Web Portal.

Click-to-dial. Click on the number in your WebPortal’s Call Log and your phone will dial it instantly.

Conference Bridge. Optional feature. Schedule conference calls for up to 90+ participants. For more information look in the “Add On” section.

Customized Ring. For intra-office calling you may have a personal ringtone.

Directory Look-up. Look up personal or company directory from your desk phone or in your Web Portal.

Do-not-Disturb. Redirect all calls to voicemail and only allow VIP contacts to get through.

e-Fax. Optional Feature. Fax to your email in the form of a digital image. You may store them for as long as you need to. You can choose which fax to print. Great savings on ink and paper. Inbound faxes only. For more information look in the “Add On” section.

Follow Me/Find Me. Specify a list of phone numbers where a call will be forwarded to if it was not answered on your desk phone.

Group Pick-up. Answer incoming calls destined for your colleagues’ handset on your handset.

Hunt Groups. Choose which phones to ring for incoming calls based on skill level, specialization, availability, etc. Hunt Groups can be set up within one location, between several geographical locations, include cellular phones, etc.

Intercom. Route directly to coworker’s extension or to a group.

Music or Message on Hold. Create custom announcements, for example, with information about your company or your latest promotion. Upload custom music to play when callers are on hold.

Music on Hold. Generic or custom music to play to your callers every time you have to place them on hold.

Multiple Appearance. Several extension numbers can be associated with a single physical phone.

Multiple Voice Mailboxes. You can have multiple Voice Mailboxes for your business. For more information please look in the “Add On” section.

Night Service. During non-working hours you may want to direct all calls to another phone number or simply to a voice mail.

On-hook Dialing. Choose to input digits first and then dial. You will be connected via speakerphone.

Paging. Similar to intercom but only for one-way announcements.

Password Protection. Each Voice Mailbox and Web Portal profile are password protected.

PC Integration. Call your MS Outlook contacts by simply clicking their phone number in your contacts list.

Priority Ring. Set certain contacts with Priority Ring to bypass your DO Not Disturb setting and always reach you.

Remote Phone. Access and use your office desk phone from your cellular phone, home phone, or any other handset. Activate Remote Phone through your mobile phone and make calls as if you were calling from the office. Depending on settings your caller ID can show your company’s main line phone number.

Reassign Your Phone. Swap user profile from one physical handset onto another in just 5 minutes, or quickly swap from hardware handset to software handset.

Speed Dial. If your handset has available buttons to assign speed dials.

Selective Call Forwarding. Create unique forwarding rules for any pre-defined phone number.

Selective Call Block. Block any number by either sending it directly to Voice Mail or to a Virtual ring.

Time and Date Display. Current date and time on your phone’s display.

Voice Mail. Personal voice mailbox for every handset/extension within your office. Remote access to your voice mail with full control of all options e.g. forwarding your inbox messages to another extension within your office, reply, delete, etc. Three different announcements for “Busy”, “No Answer”, “Do Not Disturb”.

Voice Mail Notification. To your email or to your cell phone.

Voice Mail Distribution List. Distribute your voice mail messages among several colleagues.

Virtual Ring. Callers from particular numbers hear ringing as if the call had not been answered. Ringing continues until the calling party disconnects. Useful for blocking numbers.

Web Portal. Safe online access to your desk phone. This control panel allows you to set call forwarding, check voice mail, view call log, schedule a Conference Bridge, and much more.

3-way conference. Invite a third party to join any active call.