Hotel Integration

PBX Solutions for the Hospitality Sector

Looking to enhance your hotel’s communication capabilities? Improcom delivers state-of-the-art PBX solutions designed to fit the specialized needs of the hospitality industry. We provide turnkey integration of 3cx PBX into your existing infrastructure, coupled with seamless Property Management System (PMS) synchronization.

3cx PBX: Robust & Reliable

A hotel’s reputation often hinges on guest experience, and an effective communication system is key. Our 3cx PBX solutions offer not just superior reliability but also full compliance with emergency 911 requirements. Get instant notifications for emergency calls made from any room, allowing for rapid and appropriate responses.

Seamless PMS Integration

Improcom ensures your PBX system and PMS talk to each other seamlessly. We offer support for popular protocols including Fidelio and Mitel SX2000 PMS, integrating them into your existing setups without a hitch.

Custom Solutions? We’ve Got You Covered

Not using a mainstream PMS? No problem. Improcom can provide custom integration services tailored to your hotel’s specific needs. Our solutions are designed to be as versatile as they are efficient. We have developed custom open-source PBX-PMS integration for CloudBeds Hotels, one of the industry’s leading cloud-based PMS providers.

Trusted by Renowned Hotels

Our PBX solutions are trusted by two hotels in the prestigious Wyndham/LuxUrbans Hotels network. Our track record speaks for itself; we deliver effective, reliable solutions for the hospitality sector.

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