Salesforce Cisco Integration

Salesforce Cisco Integration

Do you need a little help with improving your customer service? Do your current phones need to be upgraded or replaced? If so, then we are here to help. At Improcom, we can take your old phones or phone system, and upgrade them to new Cisco VOIP phones. Salesforce cisco integration is a way of combing the number one rated customer relationship management tool, Salesforce, with a top of the line phone manufacturer, Cisco, to make your everyday tasks easier and more beneficial.

Cisco is a name that is associated with quality. The same goes for their VOIP phones. They offer a wide array of VOIP phone models, and the great customer service that they are known for. We are familiar with all the different models of Cisco VOIP phones, including all the different features that are available for each model. Our highly trained staff will help you find the right Cisco phone that will meet your needs, so that once you start using it, you will immediately see results. We are not interested in selling you phones with options or features that you will never use, just to make a quick buck on the commission. We will work with you to find out what features your need, what features you might be able to use in the future, and make sure that the models that you choose is one that will work meet your business needs.

Top Rated CRM

Salesforce is the number one rated customer relationship management tool. It’s ease of use and intuitive interface makes every task easier. With its ability to pull up account information associated with the incoming caller, even before you answer the call, will help you get your customer taken care of easier and faster than ever before. With a Salesforce Cisco integration, you get the best of both worlds. Let us help you get set up to take advantage of the best CRM platform, along with top rated Cisco phones, in order to realize the potential of a satisfied customer.

Top Rated Cisco VOIP Phone

One thing that is different about VOIP when compared to traditional phone service is that VOIP phones can, and do, have many different features available. Plus, not every model has every option, so you will need to make sure which features you need, so that when you decide on which phone to buy, it will be able to perform the functions that your business requires.

Here at Improcom, we have been working with VOIP services for a long time. We have a vast knowledge of VOIP products, including Cisco VOIP phones, along with the many different models available, and the features that each model is capable of performing. Call us today at (866) 512-5155 and take advantage of our knowledge and experience. We will listen to the requirements that you need to make your Salesforce Cisco phone integration successful for your business, and make sure that the Cisco phones you choose will meet your business needs.