Salesforce Phone Integration

Salesforce Phone Integration

Is it time to upgrade your phone system? Are you worried that if you upgrade your current phone system that the new system will be too complicated to be effective? Take it from our many satisfied customers; the salesforce phone integration was a quick and easy process, that has improved the quality of customer service that they are able to provide. Salesforce, which is the top rated customer relationship management tool, works smoothly and effortlessly when combined with the VOIP service that we offer.

It will help you by providing onscreen caller id information, in addition to automatically pulling up account information on the screen. It will also be able to keep reporting and statistical information related to your calls. Salesforce phone integration with our VOIP service will also be able to help increase your sales by putting helpful tools right at your fingertips.

Superior Customer Service

Combining two different services like a top rated customer relationship management system such as Salesforce, and VOIP phone service, might seem like a daunting task. And it can be a difficult thing to accomplish if you are not familiar with how to integrate the two different applications. We can help you upgrade your existing system so that you can start using the number one rated CRM application, Salesforce, with our solid and trustworthy VOIP service. We can integrate both systems so that you can get the best service possible, not only for you, but also for your customers.

Any questions you might have about integrating Salesforce CRM and our VOIP phone service will be answered by calling our highly trained customer service representatives at 866-512-5155. We will be able to take into account the requirements that the system needs to meet for you to consider the upgrade a success, and make sure that the end result exceeds your expectations.

Choosing the Right Equipment

One thing that must be considered when selecting to use a VOIP service combined with Salesforce CRM, is that unless you are already using a VOIP service for your current phones, then you will have to decide which model of phone you would like to be using. There are many different models of VOIP phones available, and with each different model comes a variety of features that can differ between models, even when comparing different models from the same manufacturer. This overabundance of selection can cause stress and anxiety for some, and others just choose to keep working with the same old phone system because they don’t understand the technology and don’t want to deal with figuring it out.

This is where our expertise works for you. We are familiar with the different manufacturers and the models they offer. We will be able to make sure the phones you get meets the minimum requirements that you have provided to us you that would lead you to consider the changeover to Salesforce VOIP integration to be successful. Let our experience and expertise work for you and you won’t be disappointed. Call us now at 866-512-5155, and let us show you how we help you and your business.