Salesforce Sip Integration

Salesforce Sip Integration

Are you looking for a way to improve your customer service? Have you ever thought about upgrading your phone service from the traditional phone service to a SIP service? We can help you with a Salesforce sip integration, using Salesforce, a top rated CRM (customer relationship management) tool, and our SIP phone service. This unique combination will put tools at your fingertips that will allow you to provide your customers with faster, more accurate, customer service.

How can a SIP phone and a CRM help you improve your customer service? One way it can help is that when receive a call, the software will display the caller information on your computer screen, along with pertinent account details. In addition, you will have quick access to add notes to the account, based on your discussions during the phone call. Many times, businesses ask why the notes section of an account is such a big deal. The reason that it is helpful is because when one person speaks to the customer about a situation and that conversation gets put into the notes, then if the customer calls back and someone else answers, the person that answers will have access to the information from the previous conversation with the customer. This is just one way that Salesforce SIP integration can help your business.

Does the Computer Connect To the Phone

Many businesses who switch to a VOIP or SIP phone service are not sure how the phone and computer get connected. With a SIP phone, the network connection from your internal network, connects into the back of the phone. Your computer will then connect to the back of your SIP phone also, which means your SIP phone is actually providing the internal network connection to your computer. One advantage of this set up is that you do not have to run a separate cable from your main hub or switch of your network, to your computer, and another cable from your main hub or switch, to your phone. This not only cuts down on the amount of cabling that needs to be ran, but also reduces the number of failure points in your network.

Which SIP Phone Should I Buy?

We get asked this question all the time. Which SIP phone is the best one to buy? Luckily, our highly trained staff is familiar with almost all of the SIP phones on the market today, so they will be able to help answer this question for you. What surprises a lot of people is the amount of features that are available on SIP phones. Not every model of phone has all the features available, so it is definitely important to know which features you will need for your business.

This is where our knowledge and experience comes in handy. We can help you determine which features are crucial for your business, and then provide you with a list of SIP phones that will meet your needs. We can help you with your Salesforce SIP integration from start to finish. Just call us at (866) 512-5155, and we can get started today.