Salesforce VOIP

Salesforce VOIP

There is no reason to continue using your old phone system that has chronic issues with dropping calls and call quality. Salesforce VOIP integration takes two quality products and merges them into one easy and effective tool that will help increase the quality of the customer service that your business can offer. By taking Salesforce, the top rated CRM (customer relationship management) tool and integrating it with the VOIP phone service that we offer here at Improcom, you will be able to maximize the customer service your customers and clients receive.

Compatible with Existing Customer Databases

One of the many difficult things when you upgrade any system is when importing your important information, such as you customer databases, making sure it imports properly. This is one aspect of the Salesforce VOIP integration that you will not have to worry about. The interface that the software uses will easily integrate with your existing customer databases, ensuring that any and all valuable information is intact. You will be able to easily learn the new system, as the interface is intuitively laid out, ensuring a minimum learning curve.

Picking Out the Right Phone

One aspect of integrating Improcom’s VOIP phone service with the Salesforce CRM tool, is the phone itself. Gone are the days where every phone you buy does basically the same thing. Now a days, when it comes to VOIP phone service, there are many different options of phones to choose from. There are also many different vendors who produce multiple models of VOIP phones. In one way, you could say most VOIP phones are similar in the fact that they allow you to make phone calls over your internet connection. This is where the similarities stop, and the differences begin. There are many different features that are available for VOIP phones. The trick is to find the right phone that can perform the right features for your business.

Let our experience in the VOIP market help you when it comes to the integration of a customer relationship management tool like Salesforce, and VOIP phone service. We will be able to help you understand the different features that are available for the VOIP services you select. In addition, we will help you select the right model of phone that will best fit your business needs. There is no reason to try to guess which phone to buy and hope that it will take care of your business needs. We will get you set up with the right VOIP plans, along with the correct phones to make sure that you are able to experience the benefits of your new system immediately.

Call Us Today

We are available to answer any of your questions concerning our VOIP phone service and the Salesforce integration process. We have been doing this for a long time, so rest assured, we will be able to get your business up and running on the new Salesforce VOIP system quickly and easily. Call us today at (866) 512-5155.