Unlimited virtual online fax service (vFAX)

Unlimited virtual online fax service (vFAX)

Improcom provides our customers with Truly Unlimited V-Fax service

While many competitors offer an online fax service that is based on “number of pages” Improcom is proud to offer an unlimited v-fax service and as always with Improcom there are no overages, hidden fees or surcharges.

The existing market for online fax service is the reason Improcom is taking such a strong position on providing an unlimited service. Currently many customers who are looking at a online fax or virtual fax system are offered “page limited” faxing. What is really misleading about page limited faxing is that providers do not actually count the pages sent or received! What you are actually purchasing is an estimates of pages. To get to these estimates providers find an average time it takes to send a fax page but these numbers can vary widely. For example, if it takes 2 retries to successfully send a one page fax it may take up to 5 minutes! That is hardly the 30 seconds per page that your provider used to estimate your “100 page” fax plan. Finally on your monthly bill you are hit with overages and penalties even though you kept under 100 pages.

Improcom Virtual Fax system provides state of the art technology to process all fax requests and to ensure that all your faxes are delivered and received with accuracy. Improcom will provide this service to all customers who were enrolled in any fax service plan previously offered at no additional cost. New customers looking to sign up for fax service will be given the option to enroll into Truly Unlimited V-Fax.

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