3 Ways VoIP Improves Customer Service

3 Ways VoIP Improves Customer Service

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) has revolutionized the way companies manage inbound inquiries via telephone. Thanks to functions like automatic call distribution (ACD) queues, businesses now have a much more organized system to field large volumes of calls. Questions from customers are now more efficiently addressed with on-hold features and the ability to ring numerous devices at once.

The technology has grown to be a valuable asset to customer service departments and call centers. It’s now being used to train customer service agents in real-time. With enough practice, your agents will help boost your business’s reputation as being customer-obsessed. 

Here’s how VoIP is excellent for customer service training:

Improving Customer Service Experience

Customer service agents are equipped with tools to help direct customers to the right person or department, thanks to VoIP. With added features like the auto-receptionist, callers are immediately guided towards the department they’re hoping to reach. This added feature allows service agents to acquire customer information without having to personally request it. Customers likely input information like their account number and birthday before even contacting an agent, saving time for both parties.

Although VoIP phone systems automate many of these processes, they also help service representatives become more efficient. They don’t have to ask customers to repeat the information they’ve already dialed in, which will expedite their request process. 

Offering Feedback

Another great way that VoIP helps improve customer service is by providing comprehensive feedback. It records interactions with customers, allowing businesses to play them back and return to it for comments and suggestions. Particular points of the conversation can be highlighted for praise, while others for constructive criticism. Both the manager and service agent can correctly pinpoint what went well with the customer and what went wrong.

VoIP can also play recorded conversations between high-performing agents and customers and use this to train new agents. These conversations offer real glimpses into how veterans deal with irritated customers or challenging situations, which are valuable insights for all types of customer service agents.

Real-Time Customer Service Training

An incredibly useful feature of VoIP is that it can offer real-time customer service training. Many VoIP phone systems come with three options for a supervisor to help agents interact with actual customers. These options customize the supervisor’s interaction and control level, allowing them to monitor the call and ensure the agent is following proper protocol.

VoIP can also be used to offer discrete feedback through “whispering.” If a supervisor sees that the agent cannot manage a particular situation, they can provide advice through a one-way channel. While the agent cannot reply to the supervisor without the customer hearing, they can use the advice to improve the situation. The customer won’t hear this and will have no idea that someone else is listening to the call! 



3 Ways VoIP Improves Customer Service