Why Your Law Firm Will Benefit Greatly from VoIP Technologies

Why Your Law Firm Will Benefit Greatly from VoIP Technologies

Why Your Law Firm Will Benefit Greatly from VoIP Technologies

Voice Over Internet Protocol, or also known as VoIP is a technology that was developed around 1995 that allowed easier communication amongst people, as long-distance cables were no longer needed to connect people all over the world. With the rise of the internet, the more VoIP came into play and has since become a popular feature for office spaces and business communication.

One of the main goals corporations have when it comes to running the business better on every level is how to improve the communication features of their employees. Compared to the old days wherein many forms of communication were done manually, and people had to be physically present at all times, the internet provided a new kind of world. With VoIP being a tried and tested option for many years since its introduction, there are many reasons why you would want it for use in your business, or your law firm. Here are some of the best benefits of utilizing the technology for conducting business:

VoIP has a number of productivity features

When switching to a VoIP phone solution, your firm can benefit from tools such as call forwarding, auto-voice attendants, voicemail are only the basic features of it. Advanced features that can further improve productivity include call recording features for customer satisfaction, chat functions, conference calls, mobile apps, and so many others. These are often good ways to interact with your customers, and give your employees a nice network to work with when dealing with clients and pressing issues. 

Call recording and auto voice services for law firms

Call recording is a very important feature for service-based businesses, as these businesses deal with client calls that often require future referencing. Law firms are an example of this, so if you are the owner of a law firm, you will want staff to be aware of cases people bring up because chances are these cases are not solved at once. Always mention in your auto voice attendant feature that calls will be recorded, so that clients are aware as a part of their rights. 

Auto attendants are also integral in running a law firm, as they give clients a rundown on options before stepping into a call with a specialist or a lawyer. This saves time and energy on the part of those answering the calls, as there is less time spent figuring out a client’s needs or requirements. Having the auto voice attendant integrated with voicemail is a good way to ensure that clients get a response during working hours. Some people often call during weird hours of the day when an emergency happens, or they are unaware that the firm has stepped out for a holiday or an important meeting. When this happens, you don’t want to lose important leads. When the voicemail appears the next working day, your firm will be able to contact the person calling right away. 

It can also be beneficial to set up a link between voicemail and email addresses of employees and executives. This way, even when lawyers step out to head to a courtroom, after the session is finished, they get a notification on their devices that state someone has contacted them. This way, they can listen to the recording anywhere and anytime, and be able to refer them to the proper person. 


With reliable communication technologies such as VoIP, it would greatly benefit your business because communication is key when it comes to office productivity. The evolution of technology has made so many things more accessible and efficient, so jump into the world of VoIP today. 

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