5 Benefits of VoIP Services for Remote Work Setup

5 Benefits of VoIP Services for Remote Work Setup

The telecommute working setup has become increasingly normal this year, especially during the coronavirus pandemic. Not only does it provide staff with flexible working arrangements, but it also helps businesses save money by investing less in office rent and maintenance.

Although some jobs cannot be completely remote or cannot be done remotely at all, it is best to consider if your company needs to apply the remote setup to your current work environment. Companies should also reflect on availing VoIP services to supplement their remote work.

Here are five benefits of using VoIP for telecommute working.

1. Allows remote staff monitoring

The biggest concern of employers who are considering the telecommute setup is the possibility that their people will procrastinate instead of doing their job. That is, however, an irrational fear at best. On the contrary, most employers found that their team is more productive when remote working compared to working in the office environment. 

If employers still have this thought in their heads, VoIP can help. Employers can connect with their team using VoIP services to monitor their staff’s activities. With call records and built-in software that analyzes call logs, you can tell if they’re slacking off or not. One particular setup that best benefits from this scenario are customer representatives, who always have to talk to clients and customers to address problems. 

2. Broadens talent pool

Not all companies offer their staff remote work options. One of the best workers out there for your vacant position might strictly be a remote worker. When you embrace the remote work setup, it helps open an enormous door of possibilities in your employment pool. Additionally, issues like geographical location and time zone differences become negligible when employers and staff become connected using VoIP services. 

3. Saves the earth by lessening carbon emissions

Virtual meetings allow companies to save costs by performing them right in the comfort of their home. In a traditional setup, employees had to travel to their workplace, which contributes to carbon emissions if they are using their car. Aside from being an environmentally-inclined choice, remote working also saves time for all employees because they no longer need to commute or drive and get stuck in traffic.  

Another hidden benefit of going remote is that if you successfully highlight your eco-friendly practices to environmentally-conscious customers, they’re more likely to become avid fans and become patrons of your brand. 

4. Offers quick recovery from a crisis

Crisis, in this article, refers to any small inconvenience that could happen unannounced and affect your business. For example, there are instances of extreme snowstorms or tornadoes around your main office. When this happens, your employees cannot go to work. However, your business needs to thrive, so people have to catch up quickly to settle all backlogs from the crisis. With a remote setup, however, you can continue with work as if nothing happened.

5. Promotes collaboration

Aside from making employees more productive compared to traditional office setup, remote working also promotes collaboration, provided that employers invest in a reliable communication platform, mainly VoIP phone services. Virtual meetings help bridge the distance between members and solidify teamwork by quickly ending communication gaps.


Remote working is the new norm. If you decide to integrate it into your business, it is best to partner it with a VoIP service that helps streamline and organize your remote work system. In doing so, you can deliver your outputs to clients and customers satisfactorily. 

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5 Benefits of VoIP Services for Remote Work Setup