4 Advantages of Integrating Your CRM with VoIP

4 Advantages of Integrating Your CRM with VoIP

4 Advantages of Integrating Your CRM with VoIP

Only the best businesses keep an eye out for new technology, not only to enhance their productivity and offerings, but to strengthen their relationships with suppliers, partners, customers, and the like. One aspect of business where up-to-date technology is vital would be arguably the most important part of business: telecommunications.

While the adoption of VoIP has been successful, businesses are now looking for ways to work better with customers using customer relationship management solutions—or CRM for short. Thus, VoIP-CRM solutions have become a digital trend slowly making its way into the mainstream.

Interested in integrating CRM with VoIP? Here are the four advantages you can expect:

1. Connected Marketing and Sales

Customer data is required to create effective marketing campaigns that will attract the right people. CRM helps by allowing the marketing department to delve deeper into analyzing how the customer behaves. As a result, they’re better able to develop a marketing strategy that works.

As for VoIP, it allows after-sales representatives to get in touch with customers to ask about how the customer felt about the ads, the products, and the after-sales support. In other words, VoIP and CRM, when combined, allow for a unified process that brings value to customers in more ways than one.

2. Effective Communication with Clients and Employees

Some businesses utilize different and separate tools and platforms when it comes to interacting with their clients, customers, and employees. While this can work for some, it isn’t as efficient and effective a solution, as it doesn’t allow a company to access both customers and staff through one platform.

That said, when VoIP and CRM are combined, a business can easily monitor both groups and keep tabs on what’s happening. Plus, it becomes a lot easier to reach out to any client or staff when needed, as they’re all accessible through one solution.

3. Enhanced Customer Service

With the combination of CRM and VoIP, businesses are given easier access to information related to their customers. Data such as phone numbers, order history, and other real-time data can be accessed on the fly, giving businesses the ability to better cater to their customer’s needs.

As a result, not only are the customer’s needs better satisfied, but the relationship between company and audience strengthens, paving the way for loyal customers and buyers that return more often to do even more business.

4. Increased Efficiency in Business Processes

With VoIP features such as automated forwarding of calls, business processes become much more efficient. For businesses, they enjoy more “free time” to spend focusing on other vital means to help the business grow. At the same time, CRM also allows the company to spend some of that time to interact with customers to help them out in various ways.

Put simply, VoIP frees up time for businesses that can be spent on CRM to improve customer experiences and relationships.


You might already be using a VoIP solution as well as a CRM solution in your processes. However, if you’ve never thought of combining the two, we hope the advantages we’ve shared with you can help you consider the venture! If you want an easy-to-use, all-in-one solution, then definitely consider VoIP and CRM integration.

Do you need help integrating CRM as well as any other systems that you might have with your VoIP solution? We can do that for you! Get in touch with us to see how we can help.