4 Reasons to Integrate VoIP with Your Business

4 Reasons to Integrate VoIP with Your Business

4 Reasons to Integrate VoIP with Your Business

Phone networks within a company or business will always be a necessity—it bridges everyone internally while also allowing for connections externally. Traditional private branch exchange (PBX) phone systems or even KSU-less systems can be quite the cost, making the maintenance of a phone line debilitating for your budget.

It is for this reason that more and more businesses are converting to Voice over IP (VoIP) systems. Not only is it much more affordable, but it is also highly reliable and functional. VoIP, unlike traditional phone systems, utilize an already existing internet connection to run—taking the lengthy process of additional set-ups and line-laying out of the picture.

If your business has yet to consider VoIP for their office, then here are four reasons why you should start integrating it today.

Focus on only one provider

One of the biggest troubles of traditional phone systems is having to deal with multiple providers. Your office building might only receive services from one phone provider, while a different office on a separate location may have to contract a different provider due to zoning issues.

On top of that, you may have to deal with separate service providers for your mobile and data services, making for too many contact people to handle only one aspect of your business. With VoIP, all these solutions can be merged to one provider, cutting out the need for separate services.

Flat-rate Costing

A majority of VoIP solutions are paid on a flat-rate monthly provision—which is a far cry from your average traditional phone bills! Distance and zone times are no longer hurdles to connecting people, all merged for an easy to manage price range.

Different services generally have different pricing models, but the average VoIP costing (around $20.00) is merely a fraction of traditional systems like PBX (averaging at around $1000). This makes it highly efficient for small businesses, whose revenues may not be able to support such an expenditure.

Maintenance is stress-free

Outsourcing your VoIP solution gives you extreme flexibility without having to worry about maintenance. Ther will no longer be a need for dedicated IT personnel to do the daily runs around your VoIP system, while still assuring the best reliability you can receive. Instead, your provider will be the one worrying about delivering you the right service, as you enjoy your time focusing on what really matters: your business.

Easy installation and use

Unlike the heavy costs and excessive time-consuming efforts required to hook up traditional phone lines, VoIP is extremely easy to install and use. A unit is simply connected to a phone system—doing away with the fancy equipment and tiring wire rerouting. All you will need to do is plug it in and it will already be connected to the network.


VoIP systems are incredibly useful for cutting down the costs of phone management common for call centers and businesses. By utilizing this for your business, you won’t only have cheaper phone bills, but you’ll also have reliable connections and easy to use communication lines.

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