5 Misconceptions About Hosted PBX and The Truth Behind Them

5 Misconceptions About Hosted PBX and The Truth Behind Them

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A hosted Private Branch Exchange (PBX) is a phone switching system that can be accessed over a cloud network. To put it simply, it makes things more convenient as it shifts your phone and communications over to a trusted VoIP provider. Therefore, you no longer need to deal with phone extensions as each phone in the workplace will be replaced with a VoIP desk phone instead. Isn’t it neat?

Unfortunately, many business owners still fail to see the value in hosted PBX due to the many misinformation surrounding it. In this post, we will set the record straight. Here are some of the most common misconceptions about a hosted PBX: 

1. You Need to Give up Control

You can choose to have your VoIP in-house, but it’s better to go for a hosted solution. With a hosted solution, an outside provider will be the one to handle your VoIP from their own facilities. 

In a way, this surrenders a part of your control over the system. However, the thing is, you will be given control panels with plenty of functionalities guaranteeing that you still have control over the system. So, no, there’s no need to relinquish all control when you choose a hosted solution.

2. It Will Cost You More Money

When it comes to the cost of hosted PBX, it will vary. Still, there’s a huge chance that you will be able to save more money by upgrading because it will help lower other expenditures, such as IT support and maintenance. 

3. System Integration Takes a Long Time

A lot of business owners are reluctant to switch to VoIP because they’re under the false belief that it will take a lot of time, which will only cause them delays in operations. Switching to VoIP is proven to be a smooth transition, and that’s all thanks to reliable providers today. With that, you need to ensure you’re getting a hosting solution from a reputable provider like us here at Improcom. 

4. It’s Not Reliable

Since VoIP relies heavily on internet connection, there is a misconception that it isn’t reliable; What if the internet connection becomes erratic, or worse, disconnects from the network? However, with hosted PBX, you don’t have to worry about this because redundancy systems are in place to ensure downtimes are almost nonexistent. With that, there’s really nothing you need to worry about. 

5. It Has Lower Call Quality

This belief stemmed from the time when VoIP was still new. Of course, when it was first rolled out in the market, there were still plenty of tweaks and modifications to be made; in short, it wasn’t perfect. Now, things have changed, and VoIP systems have evolved with the changing times and adopted new technologies to improve. In turn, these changes have led to a significant improvement in call quality. 

Now that we have set things straight, it’s time you get your hosted PBX. This type of hosting solution will be a game-changer for your business and it will make customer service run more smoothly than ever. 


Now that we’ve debunked misconceptions about hosted PBX, it’s time to get it for your business. To get the most out of hosted PBX, a reputable provider is important. Conduct thorough research when looking for providers to ensure you will get the highest quality of service. 

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