Why VoIP Must Be on Your List of Lockdown Upgrades

Why VoIP Must Be on Your List of Lockdown Upgrades

Whether it’s in the form of managing remote work systems, adopting new practices, or upgrading one’s infrastructure’s security, the number of ways businesses can adapt to the change brought by COVID-19 is limitless.

Although many companies in New York were caught off guard by the level of change that came with barriers and hindrances, they are now rushing to get back on their feet as the new normal sets in. Throughout the isolation period, decision-makers have spotted ways to improve how they manage their operations while achieving stability amid hampered cash flows. 

During this time, the chances are that you’ve brushed up on new systems, approaches, and processes that helped your company start moving again to make up lost time. From remote customer service adjustments and additional safety protocols to cost-cutting and budget measures, there are various ways that you can get everything back on track for success.

Among all the different aspects of operations that you’ve worked on and refined, the chances are that you’ve also focused on the communication systems you’ve used for the past few years. Suppose you’re looking for a new way to upgrade your team’s work and get in touch with each other to keep the productivity train moving. In that case, however, there’s an upgrade that’s well worth considering: Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). 

What is VoIP?

Long before the pandemic began, you may have run into this technology at the various assessments you conducted during process optimization checklists. Whether it was through a tech article, heads up from a connection, or a review online, the premise of VoIP remains the same: it’s an effective way to communicate. 

As opposed to the traditional copper analog service that you’ve been using for decades, this piece of modern communication technology combats old problems with current solutions. Through cloud solutions, VoIP technology ditches traditional hard wiring or cabling for data networks, exponentially improving the quality of communication from end to end. 

How VoIP technology can help your business communicate better amid COVID-19

Seeing that your team members are split apart and unable to convene in the same building, it’s easy to realize that top-quality communication lines are necessary for productivity. Fortunately, taking the cloud route and opting for a data network-driven communication system can help your company succeed and thrive in various ways, such as: 

1. More flexibility: What makes VoIP communication systems standout for any modern company looking to revolutionize its internal communication systems is that it’s flexible. This essentially means that you can communicate freely and optimize your conversational experiences by using a web portal that yields centralized control!

2. More significant cost savings: Apart from top-notch flexibility, a crucial advantage that you can experience when making a full-fledged shift to a VoIP communication system is that it allows you to make significant cost savings. Switching from a traditional phone line to Improcom’s service, for instance, will yield up to 30 percent in savings in the long run!

3. More features: In recent years, many companies have seen themselves making the shift to VoIP systems because of the full range of functions that ease up the communication process. Essential add-ons, such as voicemail, call forwarding, call transfer, unified communications, remote office systems, extension monitoring, and shared call appearance, can be accessed with ease when you start using this system!


As you take a look at different parts of your company that can be improved while making adjustments to your operations, one aspect that can be developed is communication. In a time like this, where quality communication is paramount for success, you must take this as a sign to make the necessary changes for the better by switching to a VoIP system!

With businesses operating on a remote platform amid forced lockdowns and restrictions, it’s essential to get your communication right with a top-quality solution. If you’re looking for a VoIP service provider in Brooklyn, NY, get in touch with us today to see how w

Why VoIP Must Be on Your List of Lockdown Upgrades