4 Signs Someone Is Hacking Your VoIP System

4 Signs Someone Is Hacking Your VoIP System

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Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology has gained even more popularity than ever before, offering a secure and reliable way for organizations to communicate with each other. With its numerous advantages like scalability, efficiency, and cost-savings, businesses can connect more quickly with their customers, employees, and associates more conveniently. When compared to traditional phone services, VoIP solutions definitely reigns supreme.

However, just like most other Internet-connected devices, VoIP phones are also susceptible to hacking. Cybercriminals like to target VoIP technology because they’re well aware of how much companies depend on it to fulfill their communication needs. Without properly installing your VoIP solutions, you run the risk of making it vulnerable to hackers, allowing them to attack your network and compromise confidential information. They can even use it to eavesdrop during conference calls, further underscoring the importance of securing your VoIP

Here are four signs that someone is hacking your VoIP system:

1. You’re Getting Redirected to Other Websites

When you’re looking up something online, and you’re suddenly redirected to another website, you have reason to believe that someone has gained unauthorized access to your VoIP system and has launched an attack against it. The same applies to the sudden appearance of extensions and toolbars in your browser that you’ve never installed before. To prevent this from happening, make sure to power down your system and log out of the admin portal when you aren’t using it. 

2. You Noticed Irregularities in Your Call History

Regularly checking your call history is a good habit to keep, as it will alert you to any suspicious activity that may indicate that someone has hacked your system. Noticing any unusual calls, such as those from unknown numbers, will alert you to any outside infiltration of your system. You’ll also want to cross-check these numbers with those that appear on your phone bills, especially if they come from a location that you know. Another remarkable aspect of VoIP is that you can geo-limit your calls, allowing you to track any suspicious or fraudulent activity easily. 

3. Your Webcams and Microphones Automatically Activate

The sudden activation of the webcam light has been a concern for several years, and it continues to ring true today, along with microphones. Since VoIP involves using these two to conduct voice and video calls, it means that hackers can also tap into these functions and monitor you. They often use these to spy on an organization to gather confidential information, which they will use as blackmail. If you spot the microphones turning on and off or automatically recording conversations, be sure to get in touch with your VoIP provider since it’s a clear sign you’ve been hacked. 

4. You’re Receiving Random Antivirus Messages

VoIP systems rely on the Internet to send and receive messages from all over the globe. However, you may receive fake antivirus notices pop up when turning on your VoIP system, which is another sign that someone has gained unauthorized entry into it. Once you spot these fake notices, inform your VoIP provider and ask the system administrator to trace the source of the messages so they can weed out the malware. If your VoIP system was compromised, it’s best to shut the system down and wait for the technical team to fix the situation. 


VoIP solutions have been a blessing to many organizations worldwide; however, just like your smartphones and computers, it can also be the target of cyberattacks. By watching out for these four signs and keeping in touch with your VoIP provider, you can protect yourself and your organization from being hacked.

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