2 Tips to Maintain Cybersecurity with a Remote Workforce

2 Tips to Maintain Cybersecurity with a Remote Workforce

The coronavirus is currently spreading rampantly around the world, and this has forced many businesses to relocate their operations from their commercial properties to their homes. Remote work has become a norm, and many companies now operate solely with employees staying in their houses.

While this might seem like a temporary situation to some, many others have come to believe that this trend is here to stay, and for good reasons. Without the need for commercial property, and with most businesses operating solely online, there is no need to spend money on commercial-property-related costs. That said, there are still challenges to be faced in this matter, and that is from cyber-security threats.

When employees access sensitive and critical business files from the comforts of their homes, their activities can present a serious security threat to your business. Fortunately, there are many ways your business can counteract this. Here are two tips on maintaining cybersecurity, even with a remote workforce.

1. Invest in new equipment and technologies

Using old and outdated technology is a one-way ticket to getting your sensitive data compromised. For that reason, you must update all the hardware and software your business uses. A great example of this would be with laptops. If your employees still use old laptops, they expose themselves to digital threats that would otherwise not be a problem with newer computers. 

There are other examples of equipment you can invest in. For example, you can start using VoIP solutions to facilitate phone calls over the internet. Not only is this a much more secure method of communication, but it is also an affordable one.

2. Create new policies regarding the use of devices

It is not enough to only use new technology. You also have to know how to use the devices you invest in. For example, let’s say your workforce is using the latest laptops but are connecting to unsecured networks. This is a severe threat, as any files that are transmitted through the computer can quickly be tracked and stolen by cybercriminals.

For that reason, you must train your employees and create policies about the proper use of your devices. This can include reminding your staff to use a VPN when accessing a network or to report any suspicious activity. It can also include tips to keep data safe, such as ensuring that their devices are close to them at all times. This way, you can keep digital threats at bay and prevent attacks on your security.


Cyber threats are a looming and ever-present threat to every business that uses technology one way or another. Criminals attack large enterprises and smaller companies for whatever reason, and their methods and tools are continually evolving.

As you slowly move towards a more digital way of doing business, you need to ensure that your online security remains a number one priority. By following our tips above, you enhance your cybersecurity and guarantee that your sensitive data and files are safe from any prying eyes.

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2 Tips to Maintain Cybersecurity with a Remote Workforce