Will Remote Work Be the New Normal Post-Pandemic

Will Remote Work Be the New Normal Post-Pandemic

The global pandemic has made companies across the globe turn to remote work. And with no available cure yet for the virus, business owners and managers are wondering if remote work will become the new norm.

The Origins of Remote Work

The birth of new technology was what paved the way for remote work, as innovative online tools made it possible for employees to continue working from their home or even during their daily commute. Despite the convenience of remote work, managers remained reluctant to implement flexible work schedules or remote work at first. 

And then came solutions in communication such as VoIP systems that changed how organizations view remote work. With these latest innovations, companies are seeing the huge potential of employees working from home. 

It Doesn’t Always Work

Remote work may work for some industries, but not for every job role. Additionally, implementing remote work will require a lot of planning, especially if you run a big organization. It’s difficult to shift away from the usual 9-5 job, as this has been the norm for quite a while. Furthermore, the right tools must be provided for all employees who will work remotely. 

Job Roles That are Not Suitable for Remote Work

As mentioned, not every job role is suitable for doing remote work. For example, employees in the service industry that require physical communication will not be able to work from home. Moreover, there will be some aspects of the job that will require an employee to come to the office. 

Despite the COVID-19 crisis, it’s a well-known fact that there are jobs that cannot be performed from home, such as jobs in the service, healthcare, or hospitality sectors.

Offers quick recovery from a crisis

Crisis, in this article, refers to any small inconvenience that could happen unannounced and affect your business. For example, there are instances of extreme snowstorms or tornadoes around your main office. When this happens, your employees cannot go to work. However, your business needs to thrive, so people have to catch up quickly to settle all backlogs from the crisis. With a remote setup, however, you can continue with work as if nothing happened.

Remote Work Reservations

A lot of companies today have their reservations about working remotely, and potentially implementing it after the global pandemic. Some of these reservations include: 

  • Communication – for an organization to thrive while its employees are working from home, there must be clear, efficient, and proper communication. However, this may take a lot of work considering that each employee will be in different environments and different home situations. Additionally, remote workers will often need more guidance and check-ins to be heard by managers. 
  • Tools – for remote work to be successful, employees should have the right tools and every job role might need a different set of tools. Unfortunately, not every employee knows what they need when they transition to a remote working environment. 

Tips to Enable Efficient Remote Work

Remote work is still a great alternative that organizations should explore even after the COVID-19 crisis. Here are some tips to enable efficient remote work: 

  • Technology – companies must be willing to invest in modern communication systems to ensure proper communication. There must also be a solid VPN for maximum security. Next, you must think about the software and equipment needed for remote workers to be able to work as efficiently as possible. 
  • Privacy and Security – set clear boundaries and expectations with remote works from the very beginning. Data and network security are crucial, therefore, you must explore the best options to cater to your organization’s needs.
  • Connections – encourage remote workers to socialize with each other, even virtually. It’s because a lot of employees will miss the camaraderie of the office. 


Remote working is here to stay even after the global pandemic. So, if you are planning to make working remotely an available option for your employees even after the health crisis, you need to follow the tips above. 

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Will Remote Work Be the New Normal Post-Pandemic