Why VoIP Phones are the Future of Business Communication

Why VoIP Phones are the Future of Business Communication

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Business communication today is vastly different from how it was in the 90s or early 2000s. Your company’s telecoms could directly affect your bottom line since people expect connectivity from all their business partners. VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol increases your availability to business partners and clients. It enables you to make calls and send SMS messages through an internet connection.

Why do businesses use this system?

Your phone system directly affects how you interact with clients and influences people’s perception of your business. It could impact prospective clients’ first impression of you. There are various reasons why companies might switch to an internet-based system from the land-based kind, and here are a few of those.

It connects remote teams efficiently

A significant benefit of having these types of phones for your business is that it keeps colleagues connected on one system. Wherever they are, they can easily make internal calls and keep messages secure, as long as they have an internet connection. VoIP systems greatly benefit remote teams; you don’t need to have everyone in one building to facilitate coordination!

This system future-proofs your business

Several major cities worldwide will be phasing out ISDN or Integrated Services Digital Networks starting this year. If your company has stakeholders, contractors, or clients in different parts of the world, this shutdown makes communication trickier. With VoIP, you only need an internet connection, making it the sensible choice.

It lets you integrate comms channels

Unifying communications is something this kind of system excels in; they enable you to coordinate with clients through various platforms. With a VoIP, you can effortlessly switch between your desktop and mobile devices while on a call, and you can also conduct real-time video meetings across continents. What’s more, you have other features like instant messaging and a unified company number that appears on caller IDs, even when you use a personal device to make the call.

It lets you take advantage of 5G

Fully-functioning 5G networks are up and running in various cities worldwide, and usage of this network will only increase in the coming years. The June 2020 Ericsson Mobility report estimates that 5G will comprise 45 percent of the world’s mobile data traffic by 2024. 

Since over six billion people use mobile devices already, it makes sense to view trends in that direction. VoIP lets you leverage this trend by being an early adopter and switching to online comms before the surge.

Conclusion: Why VoIP is the smart choice

VoIP’s popularity is increasing today. Everyone from small businesses cutting costs to multinationals looking forward is switching to internet-based telecoms systems for their corporate needs.

This type of connection can integrate with various applications, and you can develop it to suit your business needs. Remote workers and people who always field unnecessary calls benefit from the increased efficiency that a VoIP system brings. Furthermore, VoIP lets you build communication channels for the future. As we move to more integrated, globally-connected forms of communication, you can seamlessly transition your company to do the same.

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