4 VoIP Risks that All Networks May Eventually Face

4 VoIP Risks that All Networks May Eventually Face

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Business communications are the center of any company because it’s crucial to lay down the foundations for productive and efficient work. Many companies rely on platforms to disseminate information internally, but they also use them to resolve issues they may have with clients all over the world. The modern enterprise is multinational, and many hire off-shore workers to conduct their business internationally. These industry leaders utilize the best communications technologies, which typically start with a good set of VoIP solutions for their teams.

Voice over internet protocol or VoIP is an effective way to run audible communications through the internet instead of the traditional SIM card and phone lines. VoIP providers are growing in popularity for all companies, as they can offer good plans to connect teams globally. Borders don’t exist as long as all members have an online connection, which allows them to make calls with clients and teams no matter where they go. However, there are some risks involved with VoIP for business operations, and here’s our guide on how to avoid them from damaging your company:

1. “Vishing”

Vishing is like the audible version of phishing, an age-old tactic used by hackers to steal information from people. Sometimes, malicious entities can enter your network and act as a representative of your company. This occurrence is actually more common than you think nowadays, as voice calls are the easiest way to reach a person. Phishing attacks used to be sent via email addresses that had links to fish for information, but VoIP can be harder to track for illegal intent. An excellent way to stop vishing is to send out an announcement and start the call by mentioning to clients that any dedicated company representative will never ask for sensitive information. These include passwords, log-in credentials, credit card numbers, or other things you wouldn’t give even your family members access to if they asked. 

2. Eavesdropping

VoIP providers are always working to create secure connections for their clients to avoid eavesdropping situations. A proficient hacker can tap into VoIP solutions, giving them access to data like credit card numbers, phone numbers, and email addresses. They can use this information to attack you and have malicious hacks sent in your direction. Eavesdropping can be challenging to deal with, but ensure that if you’re buying VoIP for business applications, it comes with end-to-end encryption that will prevent entrances to the line. 

3. Audio Spam

Audio spam is known as Spam over IP telephony or SPIT. It happens similarly to email spam, except it floods your phone numbers with recorded messages that can be bothersome and scary. If your clients receive SPIT attacks, these can be detrimental to your reputation, so ensure that your firewalls are strong and that they only contain very few transfers, as much as possible. 

4. Call Raiding

Also known as call tampering, this happens when hackers want to cause issues with your VoIP solutions. These malicious entities might send large data packets that contain malware and other viruses, which slow the entire network down and lead to decreased security. They might also subtly lock users out of their accounts and change settings to allow attacks to be conducted efficiently. The best way to combat these attacks is to continually change passwords to the whole network and tirelessly monitor the VoIP solutions you have installed. 


VoIP providers have made things extremely difficult to hack and attack, but that isn’t to say that they’re perfectly crafted technologies. Anything online is susceptible to attacks, and this is true at even the highest levels of security. All it takes is one loophole, and a hacker has access, so it pays to ensure that everyone operating within the network is informed about what to keep in mind for utmost security to be upheld. 

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