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SIP Trunking is a way to use your existing telephone system without moving to the cloud. Here at Improcom we provide easy to use SIP Trunks operating on our state-of-the art digital platform. Our SIP Trunk platform uses only high-quality voice routes and our termination is developed to keep you online 24/7/365. With multiple layers of failover you can be sure that your SIP Trunk is of the highest standard.

So what is a “SIP TRUNK?” In telecommunications SIP is a “standard” similar to how all electrical plugs in your home are 120V, SIP is what the telecommunications world uses to transfer voice traffic! At Improcom, we also use SIP to provide the fantastic service our customers are used to. As the protocol of choice for phone calls across the market, SIP is a household name to anyone working in telecom! SIP, stands for “Session Initiation Protocol.” When you use a SIP “session” you are really just on a call with another party. Your phone opens a session when you pickup the handset. Normally SIP “session” can range from a regular phone call between two people or even multiple-parties. ​Now that you understand what SIP is a ‘SIP Trunk’ is easy! It’s literally the “trunk” or “pipe” that the SIP traffic can flow through.

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SIP Trunk Provider in Bronx, NY

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