VoIP Technology & Customer Service

VoIP Technology & Customer Service

voip customer service

Proper communication is one of the most critical factors that contribute to any business’s success today, especially when dealing with customers.

Whether you’re a small startup on a massive search for investors or an international corporation that works in unison with branches worldwide, there’s no doubt that communicating with customers is vital. It may not seem like such a vital factor at first, but the shocking truth is that the element in question is the be-all, end-all aspect behind any company’s success.

At this point, you’ve probably cultivated a strong understanding of the fact that people will always want to contact your business in different ways while holding high expectations on how you interact. Most customers, potential clients, or lucrative opportunities will expect to have an actual person respond to them to the point where hearing an automated response may put them off entirely. This same fact has further solidified the overall value of having a top-notch customer service representative in place, which is why firms must now invest in quality communication.

With the importance of having great customer service and top-quality communication becoming even more prevalent, businesses must now find creative ways to blend both. Here’s one idea worth considering: using Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology with creative customer service ideas.

Why should you use VoIP technology to enhance your customer service?

In recent years, VoIP tools have been used to further enhance the scope of service that talented customer service representatives (CSR) provide because of how well the former has strengthened the latter. However, many businesses fail to understand that adding the protocol in question isn’t a temporary fix because it also offers many benefits that are too advantageous to overlook. 

If you want to further amplify the effect of your customer service-related efforts with VoIP technology, here are two benefits that will convince you to invest immediately:

Benefit #1: It ensures that all your calls get answered

Among the different factors that make for good customer service, one of the most critical ones that can’t be overlooked is the need for promptness, which is where VoIP technology comes in. With this piece of communication technology, you’ll be able to help ensure that calls are forwarded to all available CSRs with the help of a call forwarding system that helps minimize downtimes and waiting periods!

VoIP can also play recorded conversations between high-performing agents and customers and use this to train new agents. These conversations offer real glimpses into how veterans deal with irritated customers or challenging situations, which are valuable insights for all types of customer service agents.

Benefit #2: It helps you offer 24/7 services

Considering that today’s consumers are far more demanding than ever, thanks to convenience being set as the gold standard, it’s no secret that companies must adapt with round-the-clock services. Thankfully, having a VoIP system in place can help with fulfilling this client demand. 

When you adopt the communication technology in question into your operations, it becomes even easier for customer calls to be answered because they’ll be routed to available representatives around the world. Once you have all the necessary systems in place, you won’t need to worry about disgruntling customers that decide to call at unearthly hours because a VoIP system—such as with Improcom’s services—will always route it to an available agent!

VoIP can also be used to offer discrete feedback through “whispering.” If a supervisor sees that the agent cannot manage a particular situation, they can provide advice through a one-way channel. While the agent cannot reply to the supervisor without the customer hearing, they can use the advice to improve the situation. The customer won’t hear this and will have no idea that someone else is listening to the call! 


Improving the way your business communicates with its customers by revamping your approach to customer service can be a daunting feat at first until you bring VoIP technology into the equation. Once you mix the system in question with the system that your customer service representatives follow, you can seamlessly convert your inquiries into conversions without breaking a sweat!

When it comes to satisfying customers and ensuring that they’re ready to convert, it pays to have a cutting-edge communication system in check. If you’re looking for reliable VoIP services in Brooklyn, NY, get in touch with us today to see how we can help!