Your Quick Introduction to Salesforce VoIP Integration

Your Quick Introduction to Salesforce VoIP Integration

Your Quick Introduction to Salesforce VoIP Integration

Creating and maintaining meaningful relationships with customers are the lifeblood of a growing business. No matter how excellent your offerings are, or how grand your marketing and promotions are, if you can’t connect with your target market, your company just won’t be able to succeed.
This leads to the need for customer relationship management (CRM) software applications. These are tools that businesses can leverage to personalize their customers’ experiences efficiently and effectively.

Aside from that, Business VoIP is another particularly useful tool for companies that want to be as accessible to their customers as possible. In this cloud-based telephone system, customers can reach businesses and vice versa regardless of their location—as long as they are connected to the Internet. 

Both of these tools have their advantages. If you are using these systems, you’ll be delighted to know that you can merge your CRM and your VoIP system to power up your sales efforts and enjoy the following advantages: 

1. Increased Efficiency and Productivity

CRM integrations help take routinary work—such as searching for prior interactions, generating a new support ticket, and entering new data—off of your sales team’s plates. This means that they get to forgo the time-consuming data management process and have more time and energy to focus on talking to your customers and giving them the help they need. Eventually, this also leads to better customer experience! 

2. More Effective Data Collection

Now that you’re using the strengths and features of CRM and VoIP side-by-side, you get to record data from calls in a more organized way. This assures you that all calls are documented from start to end—allowing you to secure a good customer experience.

As a result of a more effective data collection process, you’ll also be able to create analyses and studies using real-time data, helping you devise new ways to improve your customer experience even further. 

3. Streamlined Process

This integration also allows you to perform call tracking. This feature allows you to record various data into the activity section, such as the caller’s name, their concern or issue, and other additional information. 

From here, you can create follow-up tasks that can be visible to anyone in the team. This allows the team to work efficiently, reducing the need for other time-consuming transitional tasks, such as opening new browsers to forward emails and pass along instructions. The call histories and progress are seen in the CRM and are up for everyone to read—saving everyone the time and hassle from creating and passing on update reports. 

Implementing VoIP Phone System Into CRMs like Salesforce

It is important to note that some VoIP phone systems do not support direct integration with other third-party software. If you are using Salesforce as your CRM and want to be able to track calls, you can integrate VoIP into it rather than the other way around. This is done through the use of computer-telephony integrations (CTIs), otherwise called softphones. These softphones naturally become part of your Salesforce account. 

This allows you to enjoy both of their features, such as initiating or directing calls, as well as having them identified by Salesforce and adding notes into them for reporting purposes. 


Building smooth customer relationships is an excellent way to keep your customers satisfied and turn them into loyal patrons. However, this can be quite hard to achieve, and you need to put in the time and effort to genuinely connect with the people who matter to you. 

Fortunately, there are tools you and your team can use to make this overwhelming task easier to bear. CRM integration into your VoIP system, in particular, can bring remarkable advantages to your sales efforts that would have been impossible without it. 

It’s time to take the monotonous tasks of contact management off of your sales agents’ shoulders. If you’re interested in exploring Salesforce VoIP integration, get in touch with us! We’re a top-rated business VoIP provider, and we’ll be glad to accommodate your needs.