4 VoIP Integrations You Should Get for Your Business

4 VoIP Integrations You Should Get for Your Business

4 VoIP Integrations You Should Get for Your Business

A Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a hardware or software that allows businesses and private individuals to use the Internet as their transmission medium for calls. This sends voice data in packets using Internet Protocol (IP) instead of the traditional Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN).

For business owners, this technology can bring a lot of incredible advantages, especially if you want the convenience of conducting most of your business via mobile phones. Since VoIP is done through the Internet, it makes collecting and storing call data faster and more convenient.

Here are four VoIP integrations that you can get for your business to increase productivity, processes, and customer service:

Integration #1: CRM Software

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a metric used to measure how well your business responds and answers inquiries from customers. It is an excellent tool for improving and strengthening your business relationship with your customers via phone calls.

VoIP CRM integration compiles and organizes customer data, such as the length of calls and topics they inquire about right after the call. Aside from that, its user-friendly interface allows call agents to review a customer’s profile without asking for their specifics such as account numbers, making the customer service call feel more human, organized, and efficient.

Integration #2: ERPs

Enterprise Resources Planning (ERPs) is a billing system that can simplify routine work, increase productivity, and lower risk of human error by effectively synchronizing business activities. Its algorithms can make decision-making easier for your business by providing all the conclusive details you would need, such as irregularities in your financial operations, and generating automated cash reports and invoices.

Integration #3: Recruitment Software

HR and Recruitment Software is a tool used for hiring new employees. This software keeps track of applicants by finding and compiling information about your prospective hires, including their contact details, cover letters, and references, which you can easily view on your mobile phone. With such convenience, you can craft the right questions for each applicant effectively and skillfully during the interviewing process.

Integration #4: Voicemail Transcription

Voicemail transcription sends you a text version of you and your team’s incoming voicemails straight to your email inbox. Such written logs allow you to maintain a level of transparency and accuracy in your business communications. If your transcription software offers the functionality, you can easily access and archive transcription through it.


VoIP is an excellent way of advancing your business operations as this can quickly collect and store data that is accessible to your mobile phones. Several VoIP integrations can be beneficial for your business operations. One is VoIP CRM Integration, which can significantly improve your customer service. Another is the ERPs, which can provide you conclusive data and insightful reports, making decision-making easier. You can also get Recruitment Software to efficiently screen and interview potential hires through your phone. Lastly, you can choose to receive voicemail transcription straight to your inbox right after the call. All of these are beneficial to your business when used correctly.

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