4 Ways VoIP Business Phone Systems Help You Save Money

4 Ways VoIP Business Phone Systems Help You Save Money

4 Ways VoIP Business Phone Systems Help You Save Money

There are many ways businesses can cut down costs, including outsourcing certain activities, paying for invoices early, and upgrading obsolete technology.
Speaking of technology, one of the best ways to cut down costs is to implement a VoIP business phone system. If you are using an old phone system, that system is likely to grow outdated, and the upgrade is probably already pending.

Unfortunately, the idea of replacing your entire communication solution can be disconcerting, especially when you think about the costs. However, using a VoIP phone system saves you more money than not upgrading at all. Here is why.

1. Little to no maintenance cost

Traditional phone systems require annual maintenance to ensure every piece of equipment is working and in order. This can take a toll on business finances.

However, VoIP requires little to no maintenance costs at all. That is because minimal equipment is needed when using VoIP. The only exception to this rule is if you purchase expensive cameras, microphones, and the like to enhance call quality. Other than that, there is no maintenance you would have to worry about.

2. Does not require pricy equipment

Installing a traditional phone system in your business requires investing in expensive equipment to facilitate communication. This, along with previously mentioned maintenance costs, can be expensive. Fortunately, VoIP solutions do not require any of these.

You can use just about any hardware you currently have to start using it. The only time you will invest in any expensive equipment is to upgrade your speakers, microphones, and the like to enhance your VoIP system. It is up to you whether you want to opt for these upgrades, so you can delay them until you are financially able to afford them.

3. International calls are affordable

International calls on traditional phones are expensive because you use wires that crisscross the globe to carry the calls. Essentially, you have to pay to use these connections. Unfortunately, you might not be able to avoid international calls unless your business is strictly local.

With VoIP, international calls become a lot cheaper. While they will not be completely free, the fact that it utilizes the internet for most of the process makes international calls extremely affordable. If you make a lot of international calls, this is an excellent way to save money.

4. Calls within the business are free

With traditional phone systems, calls made to employees within the same business still comes with a cost. After all, you have had to set up the infrastructure and purchase the equipment to facilitate these calls.

With VoIP, none of this is required. Most VoIP solutions take place in the cloud, meaning they can be accessed using the internet. This eliminates the need for any expensive setups. Also, many VoIP providers allow for free internal calls, even if your employees are halfway around the world.


As you can see, VoIP business phone systems can help you cut down on plenty of costs, helping you save a lot of money in the long run. That said, with so many VoIP solutions available, remember to take time to research as many options as possible. They are all different, and some will do a much better job at catering to your business than others. There is likely one that comes at the right price with all the right features you need. 

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