5 Ways on How VoIP Can Increase Your Restaurant’s Revenue

5 Ways on How VoIP Can Increase Your Restaurant’s Revenue

Customers expect more than just delicious, hearty meals and beverages from your restaurant. To boost your revenue and retain your customers, you should step up your service and make sure to provide your diners with a memorable dining experience. One effective way to do that is by using a business-class VoIP phone service.

Having an efficient phone system can impact the success of your restaurant more than you think. To discover the various benefits of seeking VoIP solutions, read the list below.

1. It lets you receive more orders

When you are using a standard phone system, your customers are more likely to hear a busy tone when all your phones are in use. When this happens, your prospects can end up looking for another restaurant, and you miss out on multiple sales opportunities. 

This situation never happens when you are using a VoIP system. When all your phones are in use when placing orders, your customers will be put on hold and listen to music, allowing you to provide your customers with a better customer experience. As a result, you can have better chances of improving your sales and boosting your revenue. 

2. It allows you to keep track of the quality of your calls

One of the benefits you can enjoy when you switch to a VoIP system is that you can monitor the quality of your calls. You can record and listen in on the calls without your employees and customers knowing. This call monitoring feature can serve as an accountability tool that ensures that your workers are performing well by saying the correct phrases or promoting your special offers on the phone. 

3. It lets you manage your restaurants from multiple locations

Handling a single restaurant is challenging, let alone multiple ones. Fortunately, business VoIP helps you have an easier time managing your business with its unified system. This can be helpful and can make ordering more efficient in case your customer mistakenly calls a different location. You can transfer the call to the other branch and give them a positive customer experience. 

On the other hand, you and your staff members can benefit from the VoIP system in case you may need to get in touch with the team from your other business locations. You can have a seamless, effective, and efficient communication among all your multiple locations and ensure a smooth operation to provide your customers with the quality of service they deserve.

4. It helps you advertise your special offers more effectively

Whether you upgraded your recipe or added a new meal to your menu, using a VoIP allows you to promote your deals and specials more effectively and makes your customers be aware of your latest offerings. In the end, you can boost your brand awareness and generate more sales.


Creating a more positive customer experience for your customers is now made easier with a VoIP system. When planning to switch to this type of system, trust only a reliable phone system provider that can help you meet your business goals and grow your restaurant.

At Improcom, we optimize business phone systems by providing businesses with VoIP services. Our phone system is fully redundant and has multiple points of failover in case of an emergency. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you!

5 Ways on How VoIP Can Increase Your Restaurant’s Revenue